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My Adobe Flex / PHP Client / Server Articles on O’Reilly InsideRIA

Following are my six articles on DeveloperRIA on related to developing Adobe Flex clients using Adobe Flash Builder, which resource data from PHP Web application servers.

Using Flex 4 Clients with the PHP Zend Framework Server

Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Photo Transfers

Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Solutions

Photo Gallery Mate Framework, With Photo Caching

Processing AMF 3 PHP Server Object Arrays on the Flex Client Using Object Relational Mapping

AMF3 PHP Server Objects to Flex Client Object Relational Mapping

Note: if you plan to use the example code in my article Photo Gallery Maté Framework, With Photo Caching, then also be sure to read my article Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Photo Transfers.



Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Photo Transfers Article

I used the WebORB for PHP Web application server, when I wrote the InsideRIA article titled Photo Gallery Mate Framework, With Photo Caching. The thrust of the article was about a photo gallery written in Flex 3. I had to modify the internals of the WebORB for PHP Web application server in order to make the Adobe Action Message Format 3 (AMF 3) photo data remote messaging transfer from the PHP server to the Flex client work properly.

The detailed and involved modifications of WebORB for PHP internals were part of the article along with a larger more involved set of “how to” information on my blog. Since publishing this article, I have replaced using WebORB for PHP Web application server with the Zend Framework Zend_Amf class for Adobe Action Message Format 3 (AMF 3) client / server messaging transfers. I accidentally discovered a way to transfer photo data using the PHP Zend_Amf class, which works without modification of the AMF 3 data streaming internal code. This is the first PHP centric AMF 3 based server that I am aware of where I did not have to modify the internal PHP code for server to Flex client photo data transfers.

I thought it best to share this information with by describing the problem, how you can easily work around it, show how you can use this information, and to provide a server side update to my Photo Gallery Mate Framework, With Photo Caching article.

I have another article about using the Zend Framework titled Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Solutions, which is worth reading too. I hope that this information helps you as it has for me by making PHP centric photo data transfers using AMF 3 messaging much more easy to perform than using WebORB for PHP.

PHP Data-Centric Solutions using Zend Framework

See my DevelopRIA article titled: Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Solutions I guarantee that you will learn something new in building Adobe Flex clients, which utilize PHP centric web application servers, by reading this article. Flash Builder provides server-side remoting technology supporting ASP.Net, J2EE, HTTP/REST and SOAP Web services, PHP, BlazeDS, ColdFusion, and LiveCycle Data Services for streaming data to and from a Flex 4 client. This article exclusively covers the PHP server-side remoting technology principally with Zend’s PHP Zend Framework web application server. New RIA client and PHP sever development opportunities are emerging using the newly released Flash Builder 4 (Flex 4) IDE linked the recent additions to the Zend Framework PHP Web application server for messaging via Adobe Message Format 3 (AMF 3) serial data streams.