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Using Flex 4 Clients with the PHP Zend Framework Server

The key topic of this article is how to take advantage of the extensive server-side functionality provided by the PHP Zend Framework (ZF) Web application server on the server-side of Flex 4 client/server RIA solutions. You’ll learn that bootstrap loading of ZF and using selected ZF component classes are very easy to do. The big advantage though is that ZF allows you to provide compelling server-side functionality with noticeably reduced efforts writing PHP server-side code.
The article shows you, using easy to follow PHP code, examples on how to take advantage of using several ZF classes. The article demonstrates providing login authorization using Zend_Auth, sending login notice emails using Zend_Mail, and the huge time saver of writing less PHP database I/O code by using the Zend_Db ZF component class. You will also perform CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) database I/O with just a few lines of PHP code for each of the CRUD operations. Finally, you will also see how to use Adobe AMF 3 client/server ActionScript 3 RemoteObject messaging code using the ZF Zend_Amf PHP component to handle the Adobe Flex AMF 3 messaging on the server-side.
The article concentrates on the notions of tying Flex 4 Web clients and/or Adobe AIR application to rich and capable PHP code classes on the server-side The combination of Flex 4 client and a PHP ZF Web application server is hard to beat when it comes to building capable RIAs. The name of our example application is FlexZF—showing the linkage between a Flex 4 server and a ZF PHP centric Web application server.
This article provides you with the following information takeaways:
  • Simple to deploy and use PHP bootstrap access to the Zend Framework
  • Full and complete understanding of Adobe AMF 3 RemoteObject messaging
  • Example code using of several base Zend Framework component classes
  • More functional Flex 4 client example code extended from the ADOBE® FLEX® 4 Tutorials on using the Flash Builder 4
    1. Data/Services tools, specifically the Adobe Flex 4 Tutorials topics of:
    2. Creating PHP services for client applications
    3. Managing the access of data through paging
    4. Using data management to synchronize server updates

Read the balance of the article: Using Flex 4 Clients with the PHP Zend Framework Server

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