You have a need to design and deploy RIA (Rich Internet Access) client / server solutions and you are not sure where to start and what to do. We are here to advise and assist you in the “how to” for the design and development of RIA solutions. Further RIA information can be found by reading our About page.

Seaquest Software has been a software developer and publisher since November of 1977—well before making a living writing and selling software was the in business opportunity. This past November 2009 completed our thirty-second year of developing and publishing software. We have developed software for so many computing platforms using dozens of development tools and software development languages that it is impossible to list them all here. Our first computer we developed software for had 6 KB of CPU memory and a 48KB disk drive. Needless to say, computing capability has moved will beyond the technical limitations of the late seventies.

We also provide consulting services for managing software development projects and people. Over the years we’ve learned that properly managing the software development project is typically the bigger problem than the actual writing and debugging the code. In other words what is being developed and where is the design details for the software being developed? We know how to identify and fix these project-based issues. Our consulting clients have been all the major computing software and hardware companies.

Most of our software development efforts, over the years have been data communication protocol design and implementation. Nowadays, we mostly use one protocol, which is TCP/IP via the Internet. So there is no longer much of a need for specialized data communication protocols.

Our recent interest and endeavors have been towards promoting the “how to” support and information with respect to RIA (Rich Internet Applications) client / server based solutions. In a nutshell the data resides in the server’s repository. How can we deliver that server repository information to the user as a rich experience in their remote client in order to review and/or modify and optionally deliver information back to the server repository?

Our RIA client platform for the basis of our RIA solutions is using the Adobe Flex Builder development platform remotely connected—over the Internet—to various server repositories; principally PHP based.

Pete Mackie is the founder and principle at Seaquest Software.

Mission Statement

Seaquest Software’s mission is to provide support and assistance to enterprises attempting to develop and deploy RIA solutions. Our second thrust is to provide counseling and advice to high-tech small company start-ups on how to succeed and grow. A high percentage of our services are delivered on a pro bono basis.

Contact Information

Seaquest Software
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Mail to: info@seaquest.com

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