PHP Data-Centric Solutions using Zend Framework

See my DevelopRIA article titled: Flex 4 / PHP Data-Centric Solutions I guarantee that you will learn something new in building Adobe Flex clients, which utilize PHP centric web application servers, by reading this article. Flash Builder provides server-side remoting technology supporting ASP.Net, J2EE, HTTP/REST and SOAP Web services, PHP, BlazeDS, ColdFusion, and LiveCycle Data Services for streaming data to and from a Flex 4 client. This article exclusively covers the PHP server-side remoting technology principally with Zend’s PHP Zend Framework web application server. New RIA client and PHP sever development opportunities are emerging using the newly released Flash Builder 4 (Flex 4) IDE linked the recent additions to the Zend Framework PHP Web application server for messaging via Adobe Message Format 3 (AMF 3) serial data streams.

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