Monthly Archive for February, 2010

DevelopRIA: Photo Gallery Maté Framework, With Photo Caching Article

My article titled Photo Gallery Maté Framework, With Photo Caching has just been published on  the DevelopRIA blog.

I have have been developing Adobe Flex-based RIA applications for nearly three years. My prominent need has been for capable RIA photo galleries. I observed over time that most Adobe Flex-based example photo galleries resourced photos—either locally or remotely—from photo files stashed in folders or folder hierarchy. There are better ways using Adobe Flex Builder to create RIA clients, what are driven from a photo database repository residing on a remote PHP Web application server.

The article’s example photo gallery is a worthwhile visit to better appreciate what my DevelopRIA article is all about. And if you mouse right-click in your Web browser, you can view the source code for this photo gallery. Visit the DevelopRIA article for the details of how this photo gallery client / server solution works along with a detailed analysis of core software code.

Noteworthy to this article is my adjunct blog note titled Adobe AMF 3 Transfer of Photo Data From a PHP Application Server To a Adobe Flex Client. This article expands on  issues with PHP string data types when when transferring photos from the Web application server to the Flex client.

If you need additional basic information related to developing and deploying Flex Builder to PHP application server, client / sever remoting, then see my two earlier InsideRIA blog articles on these topics: